August 1, 2020

Senor Blues – Andrew Desogus Feat Mario Bandel

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Double Trouble! Today I have another incredible video to share with you. 

Another virtual jam with the incredible bass player and friend Mario Bandel. In this video we are playing one of the most beautiful jazz standards written by the great Horace Silver: Senor Blues.

You can watch the full video here below embedded directly from my You Tube channel. Hope you enjoy it!

We really enjoyed performing this wonderful classic jazz standard by Horace Silver.

If you want to know more about this wonderful tune you can read below directly from WikiPedia:

“Señor Blues” is a composition by Horace Silver.

The original version, by Silver’s quintet, was recorded on November 10, 1956. It has become a jazz standard.

Silver later wrote lyrics, which were first recorded by Silver’s band with Bill Henderson in 1958. “‘Señor Blues’ is a 12/8 Latin piece with a dark, exotic flavor that recalls no other jazz composer as much as Duke Ellington.

The first two chords are E♭ minor and B7, resembling (whether consciously intended or not) one of Ellington’s favorite harmonic gestures.” The piece was first recorded on November 10, 1956, by the Horace Silver Quintet, of Silver (piano), Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone), Donald Byrd (trumpet), Doug Watkins (bass), and Louis Hayes (drums).

Scott Yanow commented that “‘Señor Blues’ officially put Horace Silver on the map”. It was released as part of the Blue Note Records album 6 Pieces of Silver. The track was a minor hit and was released as a 45-rpm single by Blue Note.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and watching my video of the Virtual Jam with Mario Bandel on the jazz standard Senor Blues. If you did, please let me know in the comment section below and share it with a fellow drummer or musician who loves jazz and groove as much as we do!

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