October 24, 2020

One Vision – Queen – Drum Cover

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Today I have the pleasure to be sharing with you my latest video of the incredible drum cover of One Vision by my favourite band ever… QUEEN!

Queen and Roger Taylor are the reason why I play drums! I absolutely love everything about this incredible legendary band!

If you are a fan of great grooves and rock music, you will not want to miss this!

You can watch the full video here below embedded directly from my You Tube channel. Hope you enjoy it!

I really enjoyed playing this wonderful song by Queen. 

If you want to know more you can read here below directly from WikiPedia:

“One Vision” is a song written and recorded by the British rock band Queen, first released as a single in November 1985 and then included on their 1986 album A Kind of Magic. It was conceived by Roger Taylor.

The song was inspired by the life and exploits of Martin Luther King Jr., with the lyrics recounting a man battling and overcoming the odds. In the 2011 BBC documentary, Queen: Days of Our Lives, Taylor stated his lyrics were “sort of half nicked off Martin Luther King’s famous speech.”

The song’s music video featured a “morphing” effect of the band’s famous pose in 1975’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” video to a 1985 version of the same pose. The song was included in all Queen’s live concert performances of The Magic Tour, as the first song of each concert. They claimed they chose “One Vision” as the introduction song because its intro made a perfect concert introduction. The opening of “One Vision” contains altered (pitch-shifted) vocal sounds (which on the album and extended versions, also appear throughout Roger Taylor’s drum section and in the end), most prominently the vocals retained in the single version.

The most prominent vocals of this type relay alternate lyrics when played forwards—they say, “God works in mysterious ways… mysterious ways…”. It is clearly shown during the portions of the studio recording session of “One Vision” on both the Magic Years documentary and the DVD Greatest Video Hits II that Freddie Mercury sings the line. There are various other altered vocal sounds as well but what exactly they say is not yet known. Even more pitch-shifted vocals appear in “Blurred Vision”. Finally, a version of the beginning pitch-shifted vocal sounds followed by other altered vocals without any music playing over them, appears in the soundtrack of The eYe video game, as Track 05 on CD 2 (The Works Domain).

Also, the live versions of the song included a different version of the intro, which starts like the single version intro, but later changes into the album version intro, but repeats the section after the vocals “Ii” near the end. The VHS version of the 12 July Wembley show has the first part of the middle instrumental section of the studio version of “Brighton Rock” instead of the initial pitch-shifted vocals.

The version of the song from the 11 July Wembley show is now included on the Queen Live at Wembley Stadium 25th Anniversary Edition DVD and the A Kind of Magic 2011 Deluxe CD. This version of the intro has never been used with a studio version of the song so far. The progressive synthesiser music from the last part of the intro is repeated in the “I had a dream” section, complete with the last elongated note. The ending or outro varies from version to version. In the single version, it’s a simple “Vision vision vision…” echo, while the album version adds to it some synthesiser music, a random bit of altered vocal sounds and the prominent beginning pitch-shifted vocals. “Blurred Vision” adds an even longer version of the elongated note ending the normal song’s intro, and a random pitch-shifted vocal.

The ending in the 1986 live versions is a flourish which varies from performance to performance – usually consisting of a brief snippet from “Star Fleet” – but still maintaining the same basic pattern, although parts of it to the synthesizer music from the album version’s ending.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and watching my video of the drum cover of One Vision by Queen. If you did, please let me know in the comment section below and share it with a fellow drummer or musician who loves music and groove as much as we do!

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