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My name is Andrew Desogus.

I started playing the drums in 1994 as a self-taught drummer, I began taking lessons from reknowned teachers in my home town of Sardinia, with the likes of Giuseppe Melis, Daniele Russo at Peter’s Day School and Raimondo Rubiu from Fanny Academy. Whilst studying, Andrew started playing drums in various bands.

In 2011 I met and studied under the master teacher Sergio Bellotti in Sardinia, two months later I moved to the United States for the first time and started the course “Ponte Usa” held by the drum teacher at Berklee College of Music.

From 2011 to date Andrew has been in Boston studying the program “Ponte USA” with Sergio Bellotti at Berklee College of Music;

Berklee Certificate 2017

Berklee Alumni

Since 2017 I have been appointed as director of the GM Drum School branch for the Sardinian territories.

Andrew is an Independent drummer who collaborates with various projects, performs live and is available for studio recordings in Italy, Boston and the UK.


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